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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an audiovisual production company. Our characteristic sensitivity and intuition is the reason why our clients trust in our criterion and recommend us. We execute all stages of a musical project with our trademark in the most accurate, thorough and creative way: customized composition, sound design, recording, audio post-production, mixing and mastering.

Our philosophy is putting musical intuition and artistic production at the service of every single project, while musically interpreting and 

rendering each client’s vision and idea/concept. We are a staff of musicians, arrangers and producers specialized in every area.

Our Original Music creations go from commercials, radio, films and TV, to videogames and the Internet.



Always observing our clients’ needs taking into account the background of each project, we optimize your investment in musical production 

aiming at quality assurance and result efficiency.


Our services strictly include:

- Music for Commercials

- Branding Music

- Trailers music

- Film Score

- Video game music

- Edition

- Digital and Analog Mixing

- Audio post-production

- Sound design

- Foley

- On-air and off-air creations


We have four studios of different sizes and acoustics which are fine-tuned with all necessary features to achieve top level results: from analog gear to market’s top digital plugins. Regarding mixing and mastering, our engineers are in charge of finding the ‘spirit’ of the recording/composition and of taking it to a third stage, enhancing the essential parts to portray depth, space and standard in outcome that music needs.

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